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Meet the Chef

Patricia Phillips was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Montgomery, Alabama.  Her earliest food memory is her great-grandmother’s homemade pigs-in-a blanket wafting through the blue Chevy station wagon that transported her military family from DC to Montgomery when she was just 7 years old...

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Meal Prep

Simple, Healthy, Delicious

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Dinner Parties

Chef-Inspired Intimate Dining

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Special Event Catering

Entertain with Style and Ease



Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail, and scrumptious dinner you made for us.  We are appreciative for bringing us back to the dinner table around conversations and laughter while eating a healthy meal.

Steve B.

You did a fantastic job!  This will help me get back into a healthy lifestyle and give me more time to help others…..  Thank you, Patricia, for the love you put into what you do.  I feel it.

Desiree W.

Thank you so much for preparing these delicious meals for me.  I feel honored to have been able to have you in my home.  I highly recommend Patricia for personalized meal preparation and personal chef services.  She is professional, detail-oriented, and highly-skilled at her craft. She is extremely organized and ensures that everything is exactly as it was, including even sweeping the floor.  I look forward to having more of her delicious food in the future.

Monica L.

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